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2023 80/20 Academy

A 12 week health coaching class to jumpstart weight loss, reset habits around food, and ultimately learn how to cook in an 80/20 fashion. 

Class begins on Jan 11. 2023 at 6pm!

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Original Course price $500. Sign up by 12/25/22 and receive 40% off! $300 for 12 weeks!

Presented by Brianna Reyes Flores
PA-C & Health Coach

Hi I am Brianna, and have been working in healthcare since 2019. My passion is to bring awareness around preventing chronic disease, and teaching women how to have a healthy relationship with food. I love getting to the root cause of disease and teaching on environmental toxins. 

Who is this course for? 

Women of all ages who desire to learn how to eat healthy in a sustainable way, without counting calories, or obsessing over the numbers on scales. 

If you have tried every fad diet without success. 

If you are working out weekly but feel like you have hit a plateau in your goals than this course if FOR YOU!

This course is especially for those...

 who desire to maintain their weight. 

  •  are overweight or obese.

  •  struggle with sugar addiction

  •  are pre diabetic, has high cholesterol or high blood pressure. 

What is included in this course: 

Voxer group chat to allow for daily interactions and accountability, with recipe & workout exchange. 

E-Book with 15 of my favorite low inflammatory meals.

Weekly 45 min health coaching zoom calls every Wednesday for 12 weeks to ask all things toxins, sugar cravings, hormonal balance, metabolism and so much more. 

Step by step methodology of 80/20 rule practicing it together for 12 weeks so that you feel equipped to maintain throughout the 2023 year and every year thereafter! No more falling off the wheel!
It is time for you to feel empowered around  food without feeling shame and guilt. 
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Original Course price $500. Sign up by 12/25/22 and receive 40% off! $300 for 12 weeks!

Get the support you need to jumpstart your weight loss. It is time you put YOU first and learn how to optimize your health opposed to avoiding or hiding from your reality. 

Sign up here!

You will receive a confirmation email of purchase, then a secondary email from me with all the details of course!

Original Course price $500. Sign up by 12/25/22 and receive 40% off! $300 for 12 weeks!

I do not want you to forget that it took years of habits, busyness, stress and poor diet to arrive where you are at. It is not meant to be easy, but the truth is there is a gap in the healthcare system, and health coaches can help fill that. We will break down daily habits to curate new/health giving habits so that you can be on your way to creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and unique to your goals. The ultimate goal of mine with clients is to get them to a place to feel good, without symptoms, and preventing or reversing chronic disease. 

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