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5 reasons you need to support your body with supplements. 

Alright, I am trained in western medicine, aka the type of method that is extremely algorithmic based. 

Patient presents with symptoms, provider asks intentional questions, provider examines the patient and possibly orders some imaging, blood tests, and prescribes a medication. Which YES absolutely this method does work for many issues within the body and is a vital component to healthcare. 


However, I do not believe it is the best method for preventable diseases. Such as: obesity, pre diabetes, diabetes type II, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These diseases require an in depth evaluation around lifestyle, eating, and movement habits. They require one on one support because the root cause of these preventable diseases lies around daily habits. Something that western medicine spends zero time evaluating. Why not? It is not because we do not care. It is because that is not billable. There are certain ICD codes for ‘education of 15 min on diabetes with patient.” But generally that is not at all truly reflected in the exam room. You are lucky if you get 10 min for a history and physical with your provider… I am not bashing traditional approach, I think plenty components of it work, but if we desire our health outcomes to improve and spending to decrease we must implement some change in the approach. 


If you have read thus far, I am impressed. So here are the 5 reasons you need to begin taking supplements. 


  1. Stress: It is like we are addicted to it! From constantly being stimulated from social media, the news, our jobs, pandemic lock down. It is often difficult to find solace in daily living. Stress causes cortisol to be release, and cortisol is not inherently bad however when it is persistently being released it causes the liver to convert glycogen to glucose, increases blood pressure, increases sweating, increase in breathing, accelerates heart rate, and slows digestion. All of these negatively impact our bodies thus it is not able to properly function in its parasympathetic state of relaxation. 

  2. Consumption of Nutrient deficient food: The typical American diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates aka processed foods. Which is the epitome of nutrient stripped foods. However, even if you focus on eating minimal sugar and carbohydrates and eat fruits and vegetables these produce are grown year round in soil that is nutrient deficient. The nutritional value of today’s broccoli has 50% less nutrients than broccoli grown 30yrs ago. 

  3. Chronic Environmental toxins exposures: We live in an extremely toxic environment these days more so than many generations in the past. Through our air, water, food, and products utilized on our bodies. Eventually over time these toxins get built in micro doses within our bodies and begin to negatively impact our bodies. For example the herbicide glyphosate that is ubiquitous on our oats and wheat directly kills our gut microbiome which is vital for proper serotonin formation one of our ‘happy’ neurotransmitters and for proper immune system function. Many of our beauty products are loaded with chemicals that are banned in Europe and not in the US which act as hormone disrupters within the body that we cannot excrete or get rid of. 

  4. Lack of restorative sleep: most of us are exposed to blue light right before bed which directly tells the brain that is morning time. Most of us are not getting 8-9 hrs of restorative deep sleep so that our brains can recover from a days work properly. 

  5. We do not move enough: Most of our jobs are sedentary opposed to actually manual labor. Our bodies were designed to move and daily intentional movement is so vital for optimal health. 

These are the top five reasons why we have to support our bodies with the proper supplements. Supplements are not intended to mask a symptom or to even take place of a medication. They are a piece of the puzzle to health. If one continues to be chronically stressed, not get restorative sleep, and eat high sugar and processed carbohydrate meals but exercises 2 hrs a day and takes a multi vitamin and probiotic… and wonders why they cannot stabilize or lose weight it is because the body functions as a whole unit. 


These are the things that I love to explore, unpack and reveal to my clients through one on one health coaching. 


If you feel a spark after reading this please connect with me! I would love to have a FREE 45 min health consultation with you to achieve your health goals. 


Client Testimony: 

A recent client who participated in my 4 week Health Master Class: 


"Brianna helped me to take a microscope to my eating and drinking habits, without judgement. I came out on the other side with the ability to find the why am I eating this rather than just eating without a thought."

-Anonymous Client 

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